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How to distinguish Real vs Fake Bags most accurate with the following 7 signs

Distinguish Real vs Fake Bags (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior…) accurately with clear markings when you stand in front of an item to make a proper assessment of them. Here, 101 Leather would like to share the experience from an expert on the basic criteria to check if the product is genuine or not.

Distinguishing real bags by seam

Recently, Victoire Boyer Chammard – Expert in the field of resale of second-hand branded goods – Revealed the basic criteria to check if the product you hold in your hand is a real thing or a sophisticated imitation. This person said the seam is an important detail. For example, a real Louis Vuitton bag will have even lines, while the seams of a fake will be uneven and diagonal. 

The Louis Vuitton Company (Better known simply as Louis Vuitton) is a French luxury fashion company and label, headquartered in Paris, France. This is a division of the French holding company LVMH Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy SA The company is named after its founder Louis Vuitton (August 4, 1821-February 27, 1892), who designed and Luggage production as a Malletier in the second half of the 19th century.

Distinguish branded bags and fakes
Louis Vuitton Name Tag. Photo: The Sun

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Distinguish real branded bags by printing brand names

How the letters in the brand name are written can be a telltale sign of the real from the fake. This detail is small, but very delicately done in real bags: They have a high degree of uniformity and are designed for the best balance. With Louis Vuitton, pay attention to the letter O. 

Many products are very sophisticated imitations, even they make exactly the same as the real prototype of the product. But with modern technology, the sophistication and sophistication of the exclusive craftsman, the details of the real goods are still much sharper and clearer.

Distinguish branded bags and fakes
Photo: Louis Vuitton

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The logo of the fake bag is often different from the original bag. For Louis Vuitton items, make sure that the letters L and V are interlocked in a consistent manner, without curving or cropping. 

The LV monogram logo and the monogram 4-petal flower motif have become legendary symbols representing the brand’s values. This is a design by Georges Vuitton, son of Louis Vuitton with the desire to create the brand’s own identity by printing his father’s initials on the fabric.

The monogram 4-petal flower pattern inspired by the motif of flower petals in Japan has succeeded in preventing counterfeiting. To date, the brown LV monogram is the most recognizable and valuable symbol, becoming a manifesto of the world’s leading beauty and class.

Distinguish branded bags and fakes
Photo: VionStore

Magnificent France – One of the 4 fashion capitals of the world is the birthplace of many famous fashion brands and it is remiss to ignore a prestigious name – Hermes

Established very early and now having more than 180 years dominating the world fashion market, Hermes has always been a name that is “chosen to send gold” to perfect its beauty and fashion style.

Unlike the above Louis Vuitton brand when the logo is printed directly on the product. With Hermes, the logo is more sophisticated, but the beauty and sophistication are hard to compare. Introduced to the public around 1950, the Hermes logo depicts an aristocratic chariot driven by an elegant gentleman.

The reason for this design is the origin of the brand: Hermes was born as a company specializing in the production of saddles and bridles to serve the French elite. Therefore, this logo is the picture that exudes the entire beauty and luxury of the Hermes brand.

Hermes products, especially Hermes handbags, are always sought after by fashionistas.

Hermes logo
Hermes’s logo

The Chanel logo with two Cs facing each other is said to use the initials of the founder Coco Chanel.

Another fashion brand from France. Chanel SA or Chanel is the name of a fashion brand specializing in fashion lines, jewelry, perfumes… Founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel, a talented woman and a fashion icon at that time. The simplicity but liberality and sharpness are boldly reflected in the fashion products that she wishes to bring to women.

Chanel’s logo was first introduced to the public in 1925 when the image of the two C’s with their backs printed on the legendary Chanel No.5 perfume bottle, although quite simple, there are quite a few meaningful anecdotes behind it. this logo.

Some people believe that Chanel’s logo is formed from two horseshoes symbolizing success and luck. But the majority believe that this logo is simply the initials of the founder Coco Chanel.

2.55 quilted handbag is one of Chanel’s hot items that conquers many ladies

Chanel's logo
Chanel SA or Chanel is the name of a fashion brand specializing in fashion lines, jewelry, perfumes…

Is a famous Italian fashion brand, founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. Gucci’s logo designed by Aldo Gucci’s hand is 2 G letters interlocked skillfully. Aldo Gucci got the idea from his father’s initials to form this logo. Today, the interlocking 2 G logo and the green – red – green 3-striped ribbon become the trademark of the brand and also a symbol of global value.

The simple Gucci logo with 2 interlocking Gs stands for Guccio Gucci and the famous 3-Stripes ribbon.

Logo of Gucci
Logo of Gucci

One of the prestigious fashion brands in France, Christian Dior SA was established in 1947. Currently Dior and Louis Vuitton belong to the LVMH group.

Dior’s logo is known as the two reversed D’s and the word Dior with a simple but striking font. With its popularity, just mentioning Dior is referring to a famous brand whose products are the top choices of stars and the desire of many fashionistas around the world gender.

The simple Dior logo is a combination of two latin letters, which is the initials of the founder Christian Dior.

Dior's logo
Dior’s logo

When looking at Versace’s logo, you will certainly find it very attractive by the image of a girl with soft, bouncy hair. But in fact, this logo is inspired by the head of the famous female demon Medusa in Greek mythology.

Medusa was originally a beautiful girl, but because of a mistake, the goddess Athena turned into a demon with snake-shaped hair and a gaze that could turn anything into stone. As a person strongly influenced by the ancient Egyptian and Greek art schools, the pitiful but also terrifying image of Medusa was portrayed by Versace in a more vivid and artistic way, but still strong enough. and attractive with the spirit of this fashion house.

Versace logo, real vs fake versace bag
Versace’s logo

Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, Burberry is now a leading fashion brand and the pride of the UK. Famous for its classy and luxurious outerwear with simple delicate checkered patterns appearing on scarves, umbrellas, shirts and even perfume bottles.

In 1901, Burberry officially launched its logo. It is the image of a mighty knight riding a horse, holding a flag with the words “Prorsum” which means “Forward” showing a strong and glorious spirit, fighting hard to win.

The heroic equestrian knight moving forward is a particularly striking image of Burberry’s British spirit.

Burberry's logo, real vs fake burberry bag
Burberry’s logo

There is also a very famous handbag brand, Prada, you can read more about this company at: Saffiano leather makes Prada handbags

Weight is also a factor to consider when distinguishing branded bags

According to The Sun, counterfeit factories are increasingly sophisticated, making it difficult for buyers to recognize through the product’s appearance. However, alternative materials are often cheaper and of course lighter than the real thing. 

No one goes into making fakes and prepares their product with too much weight when they have to cram so many quality details on it.

Distinguish branded bags and fakes
Real Louis Vuitton bag. Photo by Penabeckie – Pixabay

Leather feel is one of the most important things

Use your senses to feel and analyze the material of the branded bag you are holding in your hand. If it is a real thing, this design must have a natural, characteristic smell of leather. If you smell plastic, you’ve bought a fake. Besides, real leather is soft and even. 

Real leather will be really attractive and durable compared to products made from imitation leather.

Distinguish branded bags and fakes
Photo: Style Of Sam

One of the leather lines used quite a lot to produce handbags is Vachetta Leather

Distinguish branded bags accurately by code, barcode

Checking the code or serial number stamped on the leather in the lining of the bag is a step many luxury hunters do. Some fashion houses like Louis Vuitton use this code to pinpoint the exact time the bag was manufactured. The above method cannot be applied to antique bags born before the 80s. 

There are even limited-edition bags that will be marked as the number one of all ever produced. This gives uniqueness and exclusivity in terms of quality and quantity.

Distinguish branded bags and fakes
Photo: Sell your hand bag

Finally, the place of production shows the quality of the branded handbag

The place where the bag is made is usually printed on the inside. To attract customers, counterfeit bags often use the phrase “Made In France“. However, not all luxury brands have factories in France. The Sun reports that some of Louis Vuitton’s collections are made in Spain and the US.

Distinguish branded bags and fakes
A Louis Vuitton Official Store. Photo by webandi – Pixabay

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