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What is EPi leather & why does Louis Vuitton love to use this type of leather to make products?

EPi leather is a material made from calf leather, which possesses the characteristics of softness, uniformity and unique textures. The manufacturing process should be quite sophisticated and natural.

Let’s learn about this high quality leather material with 101 Leather!

EPi leather origin

Because when it comes to EPi leather, we immediately think of Louis Vuitton products and moreover, they have a long material development process and usage culture for this type of leather. So today, we will only discuss EPi leather products under the Louis Vuitton brand. Most of the EPi leathers in the world are also derived from and named from these types alone.

EPi leather was divided into 2 groups by Louis Vuitton, launched and developed at different times:

  • Louis Vuitton Classic EPi Leather (Classic EPi Leather)
  • Louis Vuitton EPi Electric Leather

Although they differ in name or production time, they all have a common core feature that was born to meet the need for a durable leather material, resistant to different types of weather and suitable for all types of leather. suitable for the increasing mobility needs of the owner. People can use products made from EPi leather for a long time without the need for sophisticated care and maintenance like other natural leathers.

The nature of EPi leather has a layer to protect the surface of the leather, creating a covering structure that achieves unique, highly aesthetic properties.

Classic EPi Leather Luis Vouiton bag
Classic EPi Leather
EPi Electric Leather

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Louis Vuitton Classic EPi Leather (Classic EPi Leather)

The Louis Vuitton Classic EPi Leather was first introduced in 1985 and its strong, unique texture was quickly embraced by fans.

Classic EPi leather is quite authentic and rustic

This is a rather special type of leather, the elongated and short textured lines are alternating running across the surface of the leather to create a unique and disruptive beauty. When observing the outer surface, they are quite realistic and rustic than the later EPi leather. With uniform tones, when exposed to strong light they are not shiny and sparkling, basically low contrast.

Pattern from an LV bag made from EPi leather
Pattern from an LV bag made from EPi leather

Consumers fall in love with the EPi leather line not only because of its distinctive design, but also because of its unique color scheme, which is created from “Juice” and special coating technology.

Classic EPi leather is dyed with herbs

The reason is called “Plant juice” because according to the company’s introduction, before dyeing, the artisans proceed to dye the leather (Tanned) the leather, using materials completely from plants. and fruit juice. A type of dye similar to the process of making Vegtan Leather.

Then, special coloring technology is dyed onto the upper part of the leather, giving it an unmistakable color.

A famous model of LV bag created from EPi leather – Louis Vuitton EPi Leather Alma Bags.

Characteristic of the ridges of EPi leather
Characteristic of the ridges of EPi leather

Louis Vuitton EPi Electric Leather

Quite similar to the Louis Vuitton EPi material mentioned above, the EPi Electric Leather inherits all the beautiful elements and advantages of its predecessor.

This type of leather has been changed and improved by the company with longer veins and clearer interlacing. This makes your bag more prominent and attractive even from a great distance.

Shiny and striking Epi Eletric Leather

With a stylized 2-tone wavy pattern, the EPi makes an immediate impression on modern fashionistas. Because thanks to it, they can become elegant, luxurious, modern and stylish. An equally important outstanding feature is that this product of theirs can still be used daily without having to be fussy about preserving and preserving.

A LV product made from EPi leather
A LV product made from EPi leather

Another new feature in this EPi leather is the shine on the surface of the leather, they are brighter and more light when you use it at night. You will stand out from the crowd when the product you use has a unique ability to shine. Scratch resistance is also another outstanding advantage in this type of leather.

Epi Eletric Leather is easy to clean and quite durable

Thanks to the longer ridges, it will be easier for you to clean your bag, without wasting your precious time.

Currently, due to its high applicability, EPi leather can be used to make products with large cuts such as large bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, men’s and women’s belts, to medium-sized products such as wallets, clutch, western shoes or high-end sneakers. It can be seen that this is also a feature that many people use because they are so versatile.

A LV product made from EPi leather
A LV product made from EPi leather

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Pros and cons of EPi leather

  • Fashionistas wearing EPi leather are conquered by the wonderful exclusive design of this high-quality leather material. Moreover, they are loved because they are tamed with herbal extracts and then treated with unique painting techniques, which are very rare.
  • Rather, EPi leather is completely waterproof and scratch-resistant (Although we should still keep them away from easy to sharp objects cause scratches).
  • This leather type has a lot of colors to choose from and every color looks eye-catching.
  • They also possess softness, fine grain and high durability, ensuring the leather has firmness and good shape for the product.
  • Since EPi is made from calf leather (calves under 3 years old), the leather will be very beautiful and there will be no leather scars.
  • The strength and finish of Epi leather products also reduce the maintenance required, preventing dirt or moisture from coating the surface or soaking into the leather. If the leather does need cleaning, the task is simple, requiring only a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt.
  • As well as reducing moisture damage and scratches, the coating on the leather has an extra benefit. It locks in the natural oils, preventing moisture loss and eliminating the need for conditioning.
LV belt made from EPi leather, Famous leathers
An LV belt made from Epi leather

EPi tanning and dyeing technology

Why choose calf leather to produce EPi leather?

Calfleather is a type of leather produced from the leather of a calf (a juvenile cow). Calfleather is especially valued for its softness, fine grain, as well as high durability. This ensures firm leather, good product retention and as little scarring as possible. It is commonly used for high-quality shoes, bags, wallets and similar products.

Calfleather is usually the leather from an animal less than three years old.

The watch strap is made from Epi leather that achieves a high level of aesthetics
The watch strap is made from Epi leather that achieves a high level of aesthetics

Most of the raw calf leather produced by EPi is sourced from Europe

The origin and type of raw leather chosen for use in the tanning process will determine the beauty and quality of the final product. LV often uses raw leather sourced from Europe.

Unlike cattle in South America and the developing world, cattle in general and European bulls are generally free of barbed wire, insect bites, and scorch marks (Commonly used by breeders). farm to mark and distinguish herds of cattle that are free to graze in the fields). Furthermore, leather from Europe typically has far fewer scratches than the leather of livestock raised in tropical or uncontrolled environments where fleas and other irritating insects are common.

epi leather luis vouiton shoes
The quality of Epi leather is undisputed

Raw calf leather produced EPi leather is mostly peeled by machine, so there are very few errors

Another interesting note is that European calf leather is often machined, making the back almost less prone to errors. Using leather with no cuts or incisions on the back helps to ensure a perfect final product. On top of all this, LV often selects tanners with a long tradition in Italy to transform them into the finest leathers on the market.

Before being deeply dyed, the leather is treated from raw materials and fully tanned with herbs so that the leather has a supple, good shape for the product.

After that, it is coated with a special paint technique and stamped. To give the leather a beautiful two-tone effect, for light colors a darker layer of paint is applied over the surface of the ripples, giving the leather an attractive depth, and finally the leather is covered. a waterproof and scratch-resistant layer.

epi leather lv wallet
The leather wallet is made from Epi leather with a characteristic pattern

One place favored by EPi leather manufacturers is Italy

Santa Croce is known as a District famous for its tannery located in Tuscany, a region of Central Italy. The District has about 300 tanneries and 300 outside working groups specializing in different processes in the tanning sector.

They employ about 6,000 skilled artisans and workers. The tanneries in this region make the finest leathers in the world for all the top Italian and French brands. The art of tanning was developed in Tuscany in the Middle Ages, tanneries moved to the Santa Croce area around the 19th century mainly because of the river Arno thanks to the availability of water.

Santa Croce Italia

In modern times, Santa Croce is the central area where the most advanced technologies in safety and environmental protection are concentrated. Due to growing concern about the environment, during a tour to Italy in 2009, Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the wastewater treatment facilities in Santa Croce to consult and learn more about his own practices. local authority here.

The standards applied are world-leading standards that have established Santa Croce as a place of world-class leather in fashion, but also as an environmental reserve, where Tuscan olive trees are located. is grown and Chianti red wine is produced nearby.

Santa Croce

Famous EPi leather factories in Italy

LV is affiliated with many different tanneries. Among them can be mentioned 2 famous Italian manufacturers:

Conceria Arnella: Italian Leather Luxury Manufacturers

A tanning company established in 1964, with a long tradition of herbal and premium calfleather leathers. They are a long-standing supplier for big brands such as LV, Prada, Celine, etc.

Conceria Arnella - Italian Leather Luxury Manufacturers
Conceria Arnella – Italian Leather Luxury Manufacturers

NOUVA GASBY SPA Via della Concia 

As a subsidiary of SP Peretti Gruppo, since the 50s of the twentieth century, Graziano Peretti has laid the foundation for Gruppo Peretti. The second generation started working for the company in the 1980s.

NOUVA GASBY SPA Via della Concia 
NOUVA GASBY SPA Via della Concia

The 2000s marked an important transition as the third generation began to operate, ensuring the group’s stability and future continuity. Strong family tradition, reliability, innovation and environmental sensitivity are the hallmarks of this brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epi Leather

Is LV EPi leather real leather?

Yes, LV EPi leather is made from real leather. It is a type of leather that is specially treated and embossed to create a distinctive textured pattern. Louis Vuitton uses high-quality cowhide leather to produce their epi leather collection.

What is EPi leather made of?

EPi leather is made from cowhide leather, which is known for its durability and strength. The leather undergoes a special dying process, followed by embossing with a unique two-tone wavy pattern. This process gives epi leather its distinctive appearance and texture.

How to clean Louis Vuitton EPi leather?

Cleaning epi leather requires gentle care to maintain its beauty and longevity. Here are some tips to clean your Louis Vuitton epi leather products:

– Use a soft, dry cloth to remove any surface dirt or dust from the leather.
– For light stains, you can use a mild soap or leather cleaner specifically designed for delicate leathers. Apply a small amount of cleaner to a clean, damp cloth and gently wipe the stained area. Avoid excessive rubbing or scrubbing.
– After cleaning, wipe off any excess soap or cleaner with a damp cloth.
– Allow the leather to air dry naturally, away from direct heat or sunlight.
– To protect the leather and restore its shine, you can apply a small amount of leather conditioner or a specialized epi leather treatment. Follow the product instructions carefully.

It’s important to note that before cleaning your Louis Vuitton epi leather product, it’s recommended to consult the care instructions provided by the brand or seek professional advice to ensure proper care and maintenance.


Thus, through this article, 101 Leather has introduced to readers a very unique leather material, EPi leather. The success of this leather material is often associated with the LV brand, which brings beauty that conquers all eyes from famous fashion experts. Hopefully, through the knowledge we share, you will be able to choose the right products and avoid confusion for yourself.

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